Business Profile Of Wynn Resorts Essay

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Introduction: Wynn Resorts, Limited is a company led by CEO Stephen A. Wynn that runs five-star luxury type resorts, hotels, and casinos ranking 477 in the Fortune 50(477. Wynn Resorts). Common to the United States, Wynn Las Vegas and Encore are two large luxury hotels spanning over 4,700 rooms and suites for guests as well as featuring 186,000 square feet worth of casino, and 34 food and drink places, a golf course, luxury vehicle dealership, shopping, night clubs, and beach access. Wynn Resorts is also part owner (72%) of Wynn Macau, Limited located in China. This location in China only features around 1,000 suites, however is home to a much larger casino ranging 280,000 square feet, eight places to eat, shopping, fitness clubs and spas, as well as a swimming pool (Corporate Profile). The company as a whole brought in around $4.08 billion in revenue for the 2015 year and employs around 20,800 people across all locations (Wynn Resorts, Limited).

Sustainability: In 2014, Wynn Resorts, Limited produced their latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report outlining certain things that are important to the company as a whole in order to make their business thrive. In terms of sustainability, Wynn believes that working to sustain the environment now is vital for future generations to come. In particular, Wynn Las Vegas has continuously worked to portray that luxury hotels can function at optimum capacity while still maintaining a green outlook at a responsible level. They…

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