Business Problem Paper

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Business Problem Paper and Presentation

University of Phoenix
MBA 510 - Managerial Decision Making
Professor Daniel A. Puente University of Phoenix Faculty
Due April 28, 2008

Business Problem Paper and Presentation

In the following pages, discussion will take place on the Wal-Mart Corporation, more specifically issues that have arisen with employee retention within the company. This work will illustrate both statistically and comprehensively the problems that Wal-Mart is facing with employee retention, including a list of optimal solutions for the problem. Dependent and independent variable will be identified, the null and alternative hypothesis, primary and secondary
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Independent variables are the variables that provide the basis for estimation, such as the predictor variable (Lind, Marchal & Wathan, 2004, p. 431). Many different factors can contribute to the turnover rate at Wal-Mart Corporation. Examples could include the expensive health care costs, the inadequate pay, employing mainly part time positions, better offers within the industry, bad management, or bad company policy. The independent variables for the purpose of this paper will be inadequate pay, high benefit costs, and lack of full time employment.
The null and alternative hypotheses
A hypothesis is a statement about a population parameter for the purpose of testing (Lind, Marchal & Wathan, 2004, p. 317). This paper will focus on Wal-Mart Corporation and its turnover rate. Every organization needs to be aware of its costs and make an effort to reduce costs as much as possible. If an organization can reduce cost, it can potentially increase profits. Wal-Mart needs to determine the impact of its costs due to its high turnover rate. The null hypothesis is that the Wal-Mart’s highest cost is its costs due to the organizations turnover rate. This paper will attempt to prove the null hypothesis is true. In hypotheses testing, alternative hypotheses also exist. The alternative hypothesis is what will be concluded if the null hypothesis is rejected. The alternative hypothesis is that the cost associated with turnover is not Wal-Mart’s largest cost. A

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