Business Model and Strategic Plan Part III Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan

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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part III: Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan
Jeannie Gilmore
July 6, 2015
Maria Rutledge

Shareholder Value or Financial Perspective Balanced Scorecard

Market share

Anytime Fitness can increase their market share for the new division by focusing on gaining new customers through advertising online, email, physical promotions (billboards or commercials).

Revenues and costs

The spending on for the new division can be considerably low by shopping for reasonably priced equipment and manufacturing.

Anytime fitness can boost the profitability of the division by convincing current members of purchasing the program by adding it at a lower price because their member status
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Anytime Fitness will gain a competitive position by focusing on the unique and rare features that the program has over the competition. There is no program like the online virtual personal trainer, and the main competitive advantage Anytime Fitness gain is its convenience that it provides members. Members can choose to work out from their home, and members that work out at the gym can obtain this program just in case something comes up and causes them to miss their session. The convenience of this service tying in with the fact the gym locations staying open 24/7 creates a significant competitive advantage.
Customer Value Perspective The new division will improve customer satisfaction by providing convenient fun, and it will be available at an affordable price based on market value of the service. The online virtual personal trainer program allows members to pursue a healthy lifestyle, even though they do not have the time to actively do so.
Anytime Fitness Mission is to help members achieve their wellness goals and open affordable, welcoming, and convenient locations in new neighborhoods. By implementing this new service for customers, Anytime Fitness display their value for their customer goals to stay fit in convenient affordable manner.
One of the main reason Gyms lose members is because the inability to create time to exercise, so Anytime

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