Business Make A Direct Online Sale Essay

1110 Words Apr 19th, 2016 null Page
• Direct online sales- this is when a business make a direct online sale to a customer. This is when the use of E-commerce takes place as businesses like Tesco uses internet as a form of selling products online as they use devices like Mobile phones and computers. Tesco uses direct selling in order to keep up with their competitors as it is positive for them since it helps them attract new customers. This way they will be able to get new and loyal customers. Along with Tesco, other website like Oxfam also uses direct sales. However, their purpose for using it is different to Tesco as they use it so that they can get more money by selling products to help people and not to grow their business.

• Online sales with physical delivery- this is when a customer makes a purchase online and then businesses deliver the products. Many businesses nowadays offer this as it is helpful for them since the use of internet and online shopping in on rise and it also helps businesses since they can empty the warehouse at once when trucks are ready for deliveries. This means they have more room for other products to be placed in the same storage saving them money to buy another storeroom. For example eBay; they have three tiers in terms of delivering products. First tier is having to charge for the next day delivery, second tier is when they deliver the product where a customer have to pay little money, however, the delivery time may take more time and lastly the third tier is free delivery…

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