Business Industry : Online Trade Channel, Retail, Worldwide Marketplace, Auction Place

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Case Study: Ebay
Company Name: E-bay
Company Website:
Business Industry: Online trade channel, retail, worldwide marketplace, auction place
Ebay was founded in 1995 to create a platform for the sale of goods and services by community individuals and businesses. It was founded by Pierre Omidyar who immigrated to the United States from Paris when he was six. He graduated with Computer Science degree from Tufts University in 1988. He married Pam who has a pretty unusual hobby, collecting and trading Pez candy dispenser. When his wife complained about how difficult it is to find people with the same interests, he then created a small online auction service. It was launched during Labor Day weekend in 1995 and coined it “Auction Web”. He set it up as a sole proprietorship and based in San Jose, California, During the first five months of Auction Web, he offered the services for free trying to build a number of buyers and sellers through word of mouth advertising. Omidyar incorporated eBay in 1996 and himself as its first chief executive officer and quit his day job at General Magic Corporation as a software developer and by the end of 1996, Ebay had six employees on its roster including Jerry Skoll. eBay’s role was that such of a broker, they did not own any of the items being sold and was not responsible for distribution. The bidding was free, but it did cost to list an item for sale, roughly around 25 cents to couple of dollars plus…

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