The Geert Hofstede Study

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On the surface Brazil and the United States can seem very similar, loud, flashy, rich, built on gold rushes and slave trade. Both consist of big cities on the coast, are the most ethnically/racially diverse countries in the world and the richest country on their continents. However, a closer look shows that their differences are just as great. When considering to open a business in Brazil, knowing their similarities and differences are imperative. The Geert Hofstede study provides a great overview of what is important and what drives other cultures.
Cultural dimension are independent preferences and distinguishes countries (not individuals) from each other. The Geert Hofstede studies show how values in the workplace are influenced by those
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America 's high score of 91 indicates that they do not rely heavily on authorities and developing close, deep friendships are more difficult. Americans are accustomed to doing business with people or companies that they barely know and expectations for successful employees are to be self reliant and have initiative because hiring, promotion and decisions are based on what they can do or what they have don. On the other hand, Brazil 's low score show that when doing business, one should expect them to have strong loyalties. Since birth they are a part of strong, cohesive groups that protect and are loyal to each other. An older family member is expected to help younger member get hired within their companies. It is important to Brazilians to build trustworthy and long lasting relationships so meetings usually begin with general conversation before they start on business topics. The preferred communication style in Brazil is context rich so people "often speak profusely and write in an elaborate …show more content…
A high score usually have more rigid beliefs and low tolerance for unorthodox behavior and ideas. A more relaxed attitude towards others behavior or beliefs carries a lower score. America has a below average score of 46 which means they have a fair degree of acceptance for new ideas and innovation. Ideas, opinion and freedom of expression is tolerated on a high level. Brazil, on the other hand, has a high score of 76 which is similar to many Latin American countries. There is a strong need for structure with creates an elaborate legal system and rules. However, individuals don 't feel a need to obey the laws which creates a stronger need for more laws. Because Brazilians have a low number for Individualism and Masculinity, it 's no surprise that they also have a need to chat with their colleagues, have relaxing moments in their day, enjoy long meals and dance with friend and guest. Brazilians are also very passionate and their body language easily shows their

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