Essay on Business Goals And Objectives Of The Company

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Identify the business goals and objectives of the company
Goals describe a roadmap that helps a business to achieve its agenda. Objectives are the actions taken to achieve these goals. A business with clear goals and objectives has a guarantee of getting good returns and fulfilling customers’ needs. The goal of this business is to offer affordable means for office employees to eat in the city. Due to the rising food prices, the food truck business offers a better alternative to workers with a tight budget (Gwo-Hshiung & Hung-Fan, 2011).
One of the objectives is to supply clients with healthy and freshly cooked food in a fast and efficient way. This will be good for clients who are watching their cholesterol level, and for people who have less time to go to a restaurant or cook at their homes. Another objective is to go for prospective clients. On weekends or holidays when most offices in the city are closed, the food truck goes to crowded places in the park or river piers. In addition, the manager needs to explore the districts of the city that are more profitable (Jackson, 2014). As a result, the business will have a busy schedule that will ensure a steady income because it will be working in the busiest region in the city. Based on the clients’ needs, the manager will add new items to the menu. This will be accomplished by giving clients a questionnaire where they will list the meals they would like the truck to supply. It will be easy for the manager to choose meals with…

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