Business Ethics And Social Responsibility Essay

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It’s safe to say that a lot has changed on my views on business ethics and social responsibility since the beginning of the semester back in August. My definitions of both of these have changed dramatically in the last four months. Before we get started, I can tell you that I had absolutely no Idea that both business ethics and social responsibility were as complex as they actually are. In order to give you the best reflection of the class possible, I will discuss what my original definitions of these two subjects were, along with legality, crucial class activities that contributed to better understanding of the subject material, and finally, I will give you what I believe the definitions are of business ethics and social responsibility are to me now. To start out this paper, I will discuss with you what my initial thoughts of what business ethics, social responsibility, and legality. Off the top of my head, my original definition for business ethics was “the guidelines for making the right decisions in the business world”. My original definition for social responsibility was “the duty to be involved in your businesses community socially”. I believed that legality meant “using the preset laws and regulations set in order to guide one to making everyday decisions” (not limited just to the business world).Personally, if you ask me, I don’t think those are very bad definitions to come up with. However, they are far from being creditable definitions for each subject. Which is…

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