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In For Business Ethics, the authors, Campbell Jones, Martin Parker, Rene ten Bos, present business ethics as something that does not have high expectations for people practicing business and will help work out the consequences of doing business. Common sense business ethics will allow business to continue being done the way it normally is. As the authors state, “the common sense of business ethics is that people need ethics nowadays, that business ethicists are the people they need to give it to them, and that these business ethicists won’t shake things up too much” (19). This type of traditional business ethics does not want a radical revolution in the way business ethics is done, but to simply be there if executives need help making decisions. …show more content…
Bureaucracy forces a lot of individuals to lose their individuality in a company because they simply become cogs in the wheel of business. Depersonalization at work devolves into the dehumanization of the workers, something that Marx believed. They apply Max Weber to show how ethical value starts to be judged by economic value, detracting from the problem. The economic value cannot interfere with the ethical value because business ethics is not purely about allowing something to continue if it is profitable. Globalization is something that is certainly relevant in today’s world because of the mass effects it has had on the United States’ economy and the world’s economy. Neoliberalism and Milton Friedman believe that profit should drive businesses and encouraged the mass amount of deregulation that happened in the United States. Some of the case studies showed how deregulation hurt many people, like the Enron case. Capitalism is something that is constantly being debated in current times about whether it is a good or bad type of economy. Since chapter one through six featured philosophers from a long time ago, the last couple of chapters help pull together why they are still important and relevant to think about in terms of business

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