Ethical Relativism

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Alexandra Puleo

Having so much power to control resources and the ability to move production across countries, social responsibility should coincide with that. Businesses in these poor nations should give back what they can, being that these places and people are helping them grow their business and increase profit. Their business decisions should result in good faith and moral reasoning. It should be in their best interest to give back to the countries that allow them to prosper. Just by treating their employees as human beings, they can enhance the welfare of the communities they are in.
An important issue in ethics is the concept of ethical relativism, the theory that describes that morality is relative to the norms of one 's culture,
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Companies should provide training in ethics and teach their employees about what is right and wrong in other cultures. With proper training, companies can enhance their chance of success and growth. It also will reduce potentially expensive fines from wrongdoing or illegal activity. They can have the best business relations if everyone is in agreement on how to respect one another, regardless of their differences. With this training, corruption could potentially be eliminated, being that it stems from unethical behavior. The company also must establish an environment that promotes and encourages ethical behavior. As discussed earlier, many corporations have their employees volunteer for those in need and donate millions of dollars to environmental research and charity work. This all will attract capital and improve a brand’s image and …show more content…
Globalization has taken over the business world by giving the opportunities to expand and grow businesses worldwide. With the help of technology, businesses are able to enter foreign markets by exporting, importing, manufacturing, franchising and licensing around the world. With this continued growth, international business ethics demand greater accountability for the employees, government and environment. They have a moral obligation to consider corruption, human rights, environmental conditions and working conditions in their company regardless of where it is located. Although ethical standards are not easy to define with such different cultural standards, it is vital to a company to figure out a way to handle it in a socially acceptable way. Good ethical behavior creates better employees and an overall better company. With that, we can continue to have successful businesses

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