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Personal essay

First and foremost, my complete name is Shodiyor Abdullaev but most of the people mostly call me Shodi. I was born on 12th of September , 19 years ago. Till this time I have been living with my beloved parents in Narin district which is located about 40 kilometers far from the city of Namangan in Uzbekistan. There are five members in my family who are my parents, brother and little sister and me as well.

Nowadays, everyone who wants to build up their successful future should make clear arrangements in early years of their life, and in this great way, many of them choose to complete their knowledge and researches on study in universities, especially choosing great powerful universities in affluence countries is becoming
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Even, I participated in tournaments of “Taekwon-do” in region among 17-18 year and was awarded with first degree diplomas. Interestingly, when I was studying at Academic lyceum (high school) I was an active participant of “Kamolot Civic Youth Movement” I discovered myself in terms of social science and publicity. These are the skills of how to be a good public speaker, how to behave people with ease, getting self-confident ideas among the audience and personal ways of introducing and supporting own business plan. To add to it, I was praised with several rewards like special diplomas named “Future of Homeland”, “We are the Great Country’s Children’’. These circumstances nourished and be followed me towards the real experience of real life. Most importantly, three years’ time at Academic lyceum was genuine practice to create future base. To be more precise, I stepped successfully with almost the best results on Economics, Math, English and other student council events as a good role model for not only other students those who have been studying with in the same class but to the others in my local village, little brothers as well. Taking a good band score on the IELTS, being the winner in Business Plan Challenge, participating in the First Aid Training Course held by Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan and being a leader of Debate club are good examples for honors and achievements at Academic

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