Effects Of Income Inequality In America

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America takes pride in believing that it is one of the most successful democratically governed countries. The concept of the American dream is that every US citizen has an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity. However, the validity of this ideal is being threatened by increasing inequality in the United States. Despite the Civil Rights Movement, which helped to change the viewpoints regarding various races, and the Women’s Rights Movement, which aided equal rights between genders, there have still been significant instances of increasing inequality. Particularly, income inequality. Income inequality is a rising issue between all social classes and races. Due to the evolving job market, outsourcing of products to other developing countries, …show more content…
Due to the evolving job market, outsourcing of products to other developing countries, advancements in technology, expanding wage gaps, the growing number of working immigrants, and the remaining wage gap between all other ethnicities and genders, income inequality is becoming a serious threat. By expanding the education system to include a larger collection of lower class citizens and continuing to teach skill growth, the U.S. will be providing more people with the ability to complete higher paying jobs. Also, by planning to create “jobs that offer career and investments possibilities” as well as a more equal tax policy, the U.S. will become a more united nation. According to research, nations that present equal opportunity and statuses, have less violence, higher life expectations and less mental illness when compared to unequal nations (Ross). The American dream is an attainable goal; however, the United States needs to prioritize uniting all of the citizens, improving the job market, and create a more balanced taxation policy before it is possible to reach that

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