Income Inequality Essay

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America takes pride in believing that it is one of the most successful democratically governed countries. The concept of the American dream is that every US citizen has an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity. However, the validity of this ideal is being threatened by increasing inequality in the United States. Despite the Civil Rights Movement, which helped to change the viewpoints regarding various races, and the Women’s Rights Movement, which aided equal rights between genders, there have still been significant instances of increasing inequality. Particularly, income inequality. Income inequality is a rising issue between all social classes and races. Due to the evolving job market, outsourcing of products to other developing …show more content…
To begin, the OECD emphasizes the importance of women and more diverse groups of people becoming more involved in the workforce (Mitchell). The wage gap between genders and ethnic groups would remain a concern. However, by having more people work, a family with multiple incomes would help decrease the amount of income inequality (Mitchell). The organization also focuses on the importance for “policies for the quantity and quality of jobs; jobs that offer career and investments possibilities” (Mitchell). Along with the job policy, a “tax-and-transfer System” was suggested for the “redistribution of wealth” (Mitchell). The wealth redistribution entails a tax policy targeted at the rich that is more proportional to their income, benefits, etc. Finally, was the need for continued education and skill growth, specifically targeted at the lower income class (Mitchell). By continuing society’s education and skill growth, the U.S. is making its citizens more equipped for the work force. By embracing the global redistribution of wealth, acceptance of more diverse employers, and continuing the education process the U.S. will be able to gradually reduce the income

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