Business Electives Essay

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School of Business and Economics BUS 6220 CRN 43797 Office: McKenna Hall 205 Financial Analysis Phone: 281-3523 Dr. Herbert Kierulff Hours: Th. 1-6 and by appt. Classroom: McKenna 111 "…value reflects only our opinions and not the true worth of the things themselves." Francisco de Osuna, Third Spiritual Alphabet COURSE OBJECTIVES: By the end of this course you should be able to demonstrate greater competence in: * Doing short
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And learning to critique and apply theory is very different from learning the theory itself. Evaluation and application involves further development of your abilities to separate relevant information from irrelevant, and to use (not develop or learn) theoretical models and problem solving skills in decision-making. Recognition of these facts is the key to understanding the course and getting the most from it. The emphasis on financial analysis and evaluation of investment opportunities—as opposed to financial institutions, liability and equity management, derivatives or other finance areas—is deliberate. This course is oriented to the practicing manager, not the specialist. As a professional manager you will need to know and be able to critically evaluate and apply the relevant concepts of finance at the generalist level. In addition, evaluation of investment opportunities is often viewed as the most challenging of the finance subjects. It is here that an instructor can be of most help.

REQUIRED READINGS/RESOURCES: The required readings are listed in the Assignments section below. You may obtain the Harvard cases and other material for this course at a 50% discount or free by following this course link: The course link is to Financial Analysis Spring 2012. You must register to gain access. You are expected to purchase the cases. To copy cases from others is a violation of copyright law and is

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