Business Communication Essay

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Business Communication Trends
Vickie Johnson
University of Phoenix
Professor Michele Lively

Business Communication Trends
Business depends on communication and both are changing. Everything that I do involves communication. Good communication in business is about sharing information in ways that is useful to my coworkers, and the customers when processing claims. Currently I am an offsite employee with BlueCross BlueShield as a Claims Associate I. I process claims for military families and my role of communication is by e-mail messages and letters. Responding to my manager, coworkers, and customers help me manage my daily work activities that allows me to provide excellent customer
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In the workplace associates must be able to talk to each other in ways that are appropiate and professional. This is key to working as an effective team. When giving information to or asking questions of my coworkers, or my manager I have to be attentive so that when I explain things in detail for them to identify with what I am saying. When processing claim I have to explain in detail on notepad if I need help or have made changes so the next associate who gets the claim can process it in a timely manner. When it has a deferral such as the doctor not being affiliated it is sent to provider files for verification of information. When working in a place of business, tone goes together with communication, which affects the customers and controls interaction with employees. The tone when writing letters and notes, attending meetings, making phone calls, or having a discussion with someone plays an important role in the company’s function. When it comes to customer service representatives, tones of gentle words to customers is what sets the tone serious in a business atmosphere.
In a previous part time job in retail, I worked as a sales representative in domestics and customers value your courteousness and your opinion. I enjoyed helping them make a decision on which item was better to purchase or what color looks best. My position in domestics played an important part in getting a promotion to customer service manager. My job

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