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To: Asi Clen, Deputy Chief of Planning & Operations CC: Jay Willie, Director of Maintenance & Transportation From: Danisha Benjamin, Accountant Date: February 11, 2012 Subject: Request for Permission to Research Employee Parking Lot Construction


The purpose of this memo is to request permission to pursue research on the opportunity of constructing a secured parking lot for employees of the Department of Human Services (DHS). With over 1,000 employees and over 300 clients daily, the Department of Human Services is one of the busiest organizations located on Hospital Street, St. Thomas. Besides Human Services, Bergs Home, a housing community known for criminal
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Options and Results

Several options available are to ease the parking challenge. These options will improve the negative attitude that many employees have towards DHS and will increase the company‘s productivity. One available option is to reconstruct the old parking lot located two blocks away from the main office. This lot was last used in 2003, before Olive Jarvis Elementary school relocated. It is equipped with a security booth and offers parking for about 240 cars. In walking distance to the office, employees will feel safer walking from the front towards the main entrance, rather than walking in the direction of Bergs Home.

Another solution is to expand the rear parking, pave the area, align the parking spaces, install cameras on the poles and construct a security gate and booth. Even though it is located in a bad area, with security, employees will feel safer to move to and from their cars. Since this parking is closer to the building, there will improvement in employees’ attendance records.

Even if the department considers assigning a fee to park, that idea can be negotiated among employees.

Research Approach

To begin my research, I have generated a survey to be completed by all employees. If permitted, this survey can be attached to the next pay stubs. I have also generated information from the Office of the Governor in regards to permit information on expanding the rear parking lot. Additionally, I

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