Business Communication Essay

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Assignment 2

Format: Written Responses

Weight: 20% of final mark

Due Date: After Lesson 10

Assignment 2 covers course content from Lessons 6 to 10. Page references are provided for each question to help you focus on the course readings as you prepare your responses.

Assignment Structure and Marks

|Assignment Section |Percentage of Mark |
|Section 1: Communication Features |20 |
|Section 2: Groups’ Shared Interests and Features |20 |
|Section 3: User
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The core to online mediated communication between users is motivation through self-presentation and self-information in a clear, effective and efficient way (Wright et al, 2011). Speaking with authenticity helps to promote trust and an informal conversation tone between users.

Here are two examples of my personal computer-mediated competency and how I adapted my message to the chosen social medium and shaped the message to the users’ needs.

1. I am a Real Estate Estate Broker, and I often communicate with my clients online via email, therefore it is very important to always have a concise direction with my emails to lead my clients to a particular action; to lease a property, buy a property or sell a property with me. In these emails I analyze the following criteria before I start my communication:

• Speak in a reader-beneficial tone.

• Use detailed knowledge to quickly present knowledge of their desire goal and how I am able to help them reach it.

• Make it easy for my clients to respond.

• Includes only necessary information to keep the email short and concise

• Anticipate and overcome objections they may have such as buyers entering a sellers market.

The users needs are extremely important when I am directing an email to persuade or influence a direction of actions

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