Business Communication Essay

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Business Communication and Writing Skills in the Work Place
Florida State College at Jacksonville

Business Writing GEB3213
Professor Edward Rush II
February 8, 2013
Writing and communication skills have become have become one of the essentials for success in the business field. Many companies that once ignored the effects of proper writing and communication skills are beginning to understand the power of effective communication and writing skills. Employers are beginning to demand that business students come out of college with suitable writing and communication skills. Good communication and writing skills help managers and employees express information more clearly and faster than ever before.

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6). At the end of their research, the authors came up with 17 traits that were connected with effective execution; most of the top traits are associated with communication(Neilson, Martin & Power,2008 p.5). The number one trait for a company to successfully execute a strategy is for everyone to have a good idea of the decisions and actions for which he or she is responsible for(Neilson, Martin & Power,2008 p. 6). The article suggests that as a company expands, the direction and communication tends to blur(Neilson, Martin & Power,2008 p. 6). Young organizations are usually to busy getting their company on its feet that it does not clearly define roles and responsibilities(Neilson, Martin & Power,2008 p. 7). For small companies this is not too big of a problem because it is not hard to know what everyone’s up to. As the company begins to grow and time passes, executives come and go, bringing and different expectations. Things start to become convoluted and out of place; eventually it is unclear who is accountable for what and then conflict arises. The company productive starts to fall and no one has the answer to why. Companies that commutate and discuss everyone’s role in the beginning avoid this tragic fate. The second trait on the list argues that important information about the completive environment gets to headquarters

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