Business Communication Essay

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Subject : Business Communication Subject Code : MAN 4513 Credit : 3 Class code : A Lecturer : AKMAL,M.Hum., M.Sc,Ph.D Room : U 204 Test Duration : 100 minutes

A. During the exam you are not allowed to open your references.
B. Please answer the following questions in the form of essay which consists of introductory paragraph, detail and example, and concluding paragraph).

1. Effective communication strengthens the connection between a company and all its stakeholders, those groups affected in some way by
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The last one is cultural noise. This happens when the receiver and the sender came from different cultural background. For instance, wishing a Moslem “Merry Christmas” could be offending for him/her.

The process of communication does not always run well. Some interference can appear and disrupt the process. Therefore, we should learn the effective way of communication so that we can avoid the interference and conduct an effective way of communication.

In business or in working environment, there are some rules that should be obeyed so we won’t hurt someone else’s feelings or take the rights of others. This set of rules is called business ethics. However, to determine whether an act is ethical or not is, sometimes, not easy.

From the example given in the question, I don’t have any trouble to say that it is unethical. My boss claimed my works as his/hers and that simply violated my intelligence rights. There are some options can be taken to deal with this case, but I have my own way to deal with this.

If I were in that position, I would just complain to him/her right away. Tell him/her that I didn’t like what he/she was doing but in a most nice and most polite ways. I don’t think he/she would fire me because he/she needed me. I was good at making reports and if he/she fired me, it

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