Business And Thank God For Blessing Essay

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1) A $100 bill is lying on the ground in the middle of campus. No one is close to it and there are few people outside. Is the money taken?
- I chose rational choice theory because the money is lying on the ground, and no one is out asking if they have found a specific amount of money. He is making a conscious decision as to whether pick up the money or not. He is not stealing the money from anyone, and no one is questioning him about finding any money. The money is just lying on the ground. No, the money would not be taken. If I was that person I would ask those few people if they have lost any, and if they all say no then I am going to go on about my business and thank God for blessing me with that money. Rational choice is described in the book by a perspective that holds that criminality is the result of conscious choice and that predict that individuals choose to commit crime when the benefits outweigh the costs of disobeying the law.

2) A car is left running at a video store. It is snowing heavily and it would take 30 minutes to walk home. The person does not have a cell phone and no other means to get home. Would the car be “borrowed” to get home?
- The situational choice theory can be described as criminal behavior as a function of choices and decisions made within a context of situational constraints and opportunities. I thought this theory would be fit for this scenario because the person had to make a decision on whether to walk home or just think he can borrow a…

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