Bus 521 Week 2 Discussion 2 Bus521 Week 2 Discussion 2 Essay

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BUS 521 BUS521 Complete Course
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BUS 521 Week 1 Discussion 1
"Entrepreneurship" Please respond to the following: * From the e-Activity, debate the role entrepreneurship plays in America. Next, determine three to five potential advantages and challenges that entrepreneurial ventures must consider. Justify your response. * Using the build-your-business worksheet on the Four Cs from Chapter 1 of the textbook, evaluate the Sharp Details in terms of the owner’s personal goals. Support your response.

BUS 521 Week 1 Discussion
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Support your analysis. * From the second case study, analyze the PlanningShop business planning process, and determine the key factors that defined the company’s winning strategy for business planning. Next, suggest at least two methods that the company can take to identify opportunities and threats and adapt its business accordingly. BUS 521 Week 3 Discussion 1
"Defining the Customers" Please respond to the following: * Select two well-known companies from the same industry. Evaluate each company’s target market characteristics in terms of purchasing patterns, demographics, psychographics, and buying sensitivities. Determine the key challenges that each company must face as it attempts to differentiate when competition is stiff, profits are small, and funding is scarce. * Identify two different niche markets: one of a product-based niche, and the other of a service-based niche. Evaluate and compare how each niche distinguishes itself from its competitors in terms of market size, opportunity for advertisement, market need, and ability to sustain the business long term.
BUS 521 Week 3 Discussion 2
"Competitive Analysis" Please respond to the following: * From the case study, evaluate MySpace’s competitive and strategic landscape using the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and

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