Bus 475 Strategic Plan Part One Essay

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Strategic Plan Part One: Eco Living Construction BUS/475

Strategic Plan Part One: Eco Living Construction The following is part one of the strategic plan for EcoLiving Construction. In the first part of the strategic plan I will define my business, the services provided, and the customers to be served with my mission statement. I will create a vision for my business to demonstrate what I want my
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Everyone has different values that they hold and the same will go for a business. What one person may see as a wrong another may not see it the same way. Values will set one business apart from another. The core values of EcoLiving Construction will be to make the world a better place, integrity and ethics, teamwork, accountability, safety, community involvement, and innovation. Strategic Direction
The vision statement, mission statement, and values will help to guide the business into a strategic direction plan to achieve the mission of the business. The strategic direction of a business will be established during the planning phase of the business. The strategic plan must be flexible so that the business can look at where it wants to go and make sure that it is headed in the correct direction, if it is not on track then the business should make adjustments to the plan to get back on track.
EcoLiving Construction’s strategic direction is to become an ecofriendly business that designs and constructs homes that are ecofriendly. The business will have to use cost-effective materials and cater to the client’s needs and wants for their home. EcoLiving will also offer consulting and remodeling to individuals who already own a home but would like to become more ecofriendly to reduce their carbon footprint. This will entail the use of recycled materials and

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