Bus 402 (Strategic Management & Business Policy) Complete Class

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BUS 402 (Strategic Management & Business Policy) Complete Class

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Course Text:

Marcus, A.A. (2011). Management Strategy: Achieving Sustained Competitive Advantage (2nd ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN: 9780078137129, bundled with case: Starbucks’ Global Quest 2006: Is the Best Yet to Come?

Week 1

Required Readings

Chapter 1: Strategy Basics

Chapter 2: External Analysis

Chapter 3: Internal Analysis


Week 1 DQ1 Environmental Changes

Provide an
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(NOTE: This will become part of your final paper.) Your paper must be four to five pages in length, incorporate at least two resources from the University’s Online Library collection, and be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide.

Week 2 DQ1 Components of External Environment

What are the two most relevant externalities from Exhibit 2.6 for a firm with which you are familiar? Have these externalities made the industry in which the firm operates more, or less, attractive to you as consumer? Explain your rationale.

Week 2 DQ2 Components of Internal Analysis

Using “The Seven-S Framework” from pages 58-59 to examine a firm with which you are familiar and address how the firm stacks up in respect to the “qualities of excellence” list on page 59. Does alignment with this list help explain why the firm is currently successful or unsuccessful (use any metric you think is appropriate to judge success)?

Week 3

Required Readings

Chapter 6: Globalization

Chapter 7: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Week 3 DQ1 Market Positioning Strategies

Chapter 4 addresses timing and positioning (or market niche) strategies. Using Exhibits 4.8 and 4.9 to assess a firm of your choice. What generic strategy is this firm employing? Are they using a combination approach? What are the advantages/disadvantages of consciously using

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