Bullying Is The Most Common Type Of Bullying Essay

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Verbal bullying is the most common type of bullying in middle school. For example, calling someone fat, useless, trashy, fake, ugly, stupid, mental(Tucker, 2016). Verbal bullying means you say hurtful things to others. Society today is a controlling part of people 's lives. We all strive for that feeling of being welcomed, and wanted by other people. (Tucker, 2016) Our society today, only cares about you if you have a good income, you have a perfect physical appearance, you are successful, and/or you are exactly the same as others. (Tucker, 2016) If everyone just accepted others for the way they are and think before they speak, all forms of bullying would be in the past(Tucker, 2016).The number of students who report being bullied is highest during middle school period. According to the United states largest non profit website for young people and social change called (Tucker, 2016) 90% of students in fourth through eighth grades report being victims of bullying, and 86% of children ages 12- 15 say bullying has interfered with their academic studies (Tucker, 2016). When it comes to verbal bullying, this type of bullying is the most common type. About 77 percent of all students being bullied verbally in some way or another including mental bullying or verbal abuse (School Bullying Statistics). Out of the 77 percent of those bullied, 14 percent have a severe or bad reaction to the abuse according to recent school bullying statistics (School Bullying Statistics).This type…

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