Bullying Is A World Wide Problem Essay

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Bullying is a world-wide problem and something that many people go through without it being known by anyone. Bullying can start at a very young age, hit its peak in middle school aged children, then usually decrease as children get older, but that is not always the case. There are different types of bullying and school-aged children are the common victims of bullying. Young children get bullied without anything ever being said to an adult. “Adolescent bullying may take many forms, such as physical, verbal, relational, or social”.1 The most common type of adolescent bullying is cyberbullying. Bullying is classified into four different types: physical, verbal, relational/social, and cyber, and I am diving bullying into these four types to raise awareness about the significance of each type of bullying.
The first type of bullying being discussed in this paper is physical bullying. Physical bullying is the most familiar type of bullying. Physical bullies use physical actions, such as hitting, kicking, punching, slapping and other ways of physical abuse, to have control or gain power over their victim. Physical bullies are usually more powerful, stronger, and bigger than the person they are bullying. When people think of bullying, the first type of bullying that comes to mind is physical bullying because it is the easiest to identify. Bullying is abuse. Boys are typically more involved in physical bullying than girls are. Physical bullying is more common in younger children than…

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