Bullying Is A Problem At Schools Essay

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Every person knows of bullying. It can start with a simple comment and quickly escalate to severe, even sometimes fatal outcomes. All people are aware of this, but do not take any actions to prevent it, some even know how it feels. “On average, only 17% of students report bullying”(11 Facts About Bullying). “71% of students say bullying is a problem at schools”(11 Facts About Bullying). No one likes this so why to let it continuously happen. Bullies have such a drastic effect on others they should be arrested and put in jail because they are criminals. Many people believe bullies are just ignorant people who do not see the consequences, but they are criminals breaking laws and hurting others self-esteem, causing eating disorders, and even at times ending lives.
Bullying has serious and even deadly effects on a person. “On average 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year”(11 Facts About Bullying). This number keeps growing by the second. Students are not only verbally abused, but they are also physically abused. Over a period of time, it leads to eating disorders, self-harm, self-esteem issues and often suicide. The heartbreaking story of Amanda Todd is a perfect example of how people 's’ words and actions can affect a person. “How did we stand by and let this happen?" "What can we do to prevent another Amanda Todd tragedy?" (“Should Bullies Be Punished By Criminal Law”). Amanda Todd was a victim of cyberbullying by a 35- year-old man. He persuaded her to…

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