Bullying Is A Issue For A Long Time With Young People Essay

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Bullying has been a major issue for a long time with young people in society. Many have been bullied and have become inspirational, powerful people, but others are not as fortunate. Some get to the point where they feel that their life is not worth anything to anyone and end up taking their life at a young age. This issue is not a problem that is only happening in the United States but across the world. Every day a child is bullied, whether it be physically, online, or verbally. The definition of bullying is, “an attack or intimidation with the intention to cause fear, distress or harm; a real or perceived imbalance of power between the bully and the victim; and repeated attacks or intimidation between the same children over time” (Albertson 247). The laws in the United States clearly state that anytime a person physically, emotionally, or psychologically abuses another individual; that they are to be punished by the law. Many attempts have been made to criminally prosecute those who have bullied; especially those who have driven their victims to take their own life. Many believe that bullies are punished for their actions against their victims, but, in reality, they are given a lenient punishment at school or at home. Bullies should be punished more severely by having a criminal record, jail time, and being charged in the adult criminal justice system because they have caused emotional or physical distress.
A bully is an individual who wants to control, dominate, and…

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