Bullying Is A Common Issue Essay

1100 Words Aug 2nd, 2015 null Page
Bullying is a common issue in schools today. There is a lot more awareness about bullying today from media, parents, researchers and educators as opposed to the past. A bullying is one who targets another student’s weakness and opens it up for all to see. With an imbalance of power and strength often times the child that is being bullied has trouble defending his or herself. Bullying does not occur just once or twice but it is repeated over time. Bullies tend to operate in groups to avoid harm to them selves. With a rise in technology a new form of bullying called cyber bullying has given the bully more outlets to target people and remain unanimous. Bully’s can now hide behind a screen with a fake name and post hurtful messages to social media sites, cell phones or other electronic devices twenty four hours a day unlike the past where it was limited during school hours and you saw the bully face to face. Cyber bullies get instant gratification from posting harmful messages or sending hate mail. Many children who get Cyber bullied do not report it and often times keep it to them selves to avoid further humiliation. Peer acceptance is very important to youth. It means that cyber bullying can have negative emotional effect on victims and can cause anger issues or hurt feelings. Depression and suicide can cause anger issues or hurt feelings. Youth that bully tend be involved in alcohol and drug use, smoke and have a poor school records. They show a need for control and show…

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