Essay on Bullying : Bullying And Harassment

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Bullies in the Workplace Worldwide bullying in the workplace is very common today. Research by (Namie, Christensen, and Phillips, 2014) states, “In our 2014 National Survey workplace bullying was defined as repeated mistreatment; abusive conduct that is: threatening, humiliating, or intimidating, work sabotage, or verbal abuse”. Bullying in the workplace can manifest as extortion and blackmail toward the victim. Some employees have experienced violence in the workplace by being physically attacked by other employees. There is some key differences between workplace bullying and harassment. According to U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website (n.d.), “Harassment is unwelcome conduct that is based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information”. Harassing behavior focuses on the above mentioned classes, but bullies normally focus on people who are weaker than they are. There are workplace laws against harassment, but there has been a push to pass the WBI Healthy Workplace Bill to protect against bullying in all states. Bullying is actually similar to domestic violence; therefore, there should be state laws against all forms of bullying, especially in the workplace. Ultimately, workplace bullying is injurious to the victim and to businesses. According to Gould (2016), “Bullying costs businesses more than $200 billion a year due to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and high…

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