Essay about Bullying : Bullying And Bullying

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In today 's society, bullying is a topic that most people bring up to talk about. Most parents, principals, school counselors, and teachers all want the same thing, to address bullying in school. However, not much is being done about bullying in schools. No one enjoys being bullied or hearing that a student is being bully. Name calling, harassing, being pressured or pushed by a bullied are some examples that most victims of bullying experiences in school. Take Vanessa’s story, she is a mother of a precious daughter. When Vanessa’s started a new school her daughter was bullied by another student at the school. After Vanessa spoke to the school principal about Vanessa’s daughter being bullied, nothing was ever done to stop them from bullying her daughter. In another case, a teenager named Sarah was being bullied about the way Sarah looked from her classmate. Sarah’s classmate would say mean things about her appearance. Sarah didn 't have any issues about the way her body was made or her skin color until after she was made fun of. Now as an adult she struggles in her appearance. Being bullied can be damaging in the long run. In fact, bullying is a serious problem in our world today. If we allow bullying to persist in our schools’ students who are being bullied would probably drop out, have low self-esteem, and lastly, commit suicide.
How can a child feel safe in their schools if there is a bully lurking among them all? Most parents all want their children to feel safe in their…

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