The Harmful Effects Of Bullying

Bullying is projected as detrimental to the person who is being hurt. People are not

always informed about the one who is doing the bullying and what they have to go through. As a

society, the focus on self harm is so heavy it seems as if that is the only option for the people

being bullied. Bullying can have worse effects on the bully rather than the person who is being

made fun of.

We know that bullying is wrong and that it shouldn’t happen, but some say that it made

them stronger. “I was knocked out for a minute or two. I didn 't get all pissed off, and go and try

to sue the school or kill myself, because he made me stronger.” (Controversial 1) This student

was called multiple names and was physically injured, but he still
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This is the first time I have really looked at bullying from this perspective, but it

makes sense. You learn about yourself and what your limits are. Many people have the argument

that bullying only has a negative outcome, but in this situation, the one who was being bullied

used it as a life lesson.

Bullying is projected as only harm being done to the one who is being hurt. What if both

people in this situation are in danger? Sometimes the bully is doing this as a cry out for help.

Bullying is a learned behavior and this might be the only way someone knows how to treat

others. “Dr. Pepler cites previous research showing that children who bullied often struggled as

parents. Their own children tended to bully others. "These are learned behaviours," she

says.(About 1) This is a cycle that will continue if we do not try to stop it. The ways we have

gone about bullying so far have not worked, so we should get creative and as a society end it. All

you see on TV shows or in movies is the person being bullied struggle, but we should see both

sides. There has to be some type of motivation to go out and hurt others. They sometimes need

more help than the people who they bully and they do not always get it. They might get
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People say that it is a cry out for help, but if they really wanted help they would ask for it. The

people who are being bullied can always talk to a parent and if they do not want to involve them

there are administrators or guidance counselors. I think that schools have devoted time into

teaching kids that this is not okay, but I think that we need to focus on speaking out. Many kids

are afraid to admit the terrible things that are happening to them and are scared that worse things

could happen if they speak out. No one should have to live life afraid and we should start

encouraging everyone who is involved in bullying to speak out. The bullies need to be able to cry

out for help as well. I know that the person who is being hurt is the true victim, but both sides

should be able to express the need for help because self harm is not the answer.

The common assumption of bullying is that the person who is being bullied is the only

one who is suffering. You do not always know the background information on the bully and

what they have to face in life. Society focuses on self harm and we make it look as if that is

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