Bullying And Discrimination

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There are many forms of bullying, as well as where bullying can take place. For example, one of the many types of bullying takes place in grade school, secondly through cyber-bullying, thirdly through the work environment. The insistent of bullying is never shown on their faces, but truthfully they are dealing with harassment.
Initially, bulling began many years back when people would use the word “sweetheart” as a positive word to address a person instead of calling them by their name. Bullying has been around for many years, and has turned into negative. Bullying is defined as, “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. (stopbullying.gov)(1).” Many school age children deal with the issue of making good friends, and making good grades. Sen. Merkley says, “Students already feel the pressure of making friends and getting good grades in school- the last things they should have to endure is bullying and discrimination because of who they are (Franken) (p.1).” The last thing they should have to worry about their peers bullying them with verbal word choice, physically, or socially. Bullies compromise their feeling by taking their issues out on other peers to make themselves feel tough. Children should not be afraid to attend school based on what they look like or how they are dressed but only to receive a good education. Franken states, “our nation’s civil rights law
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With bulling children can tune out peers, or walk away, with cyber bullying its more difficult to wash away the pain that has been written on a bathroom wall, on the back of a bus seat, pictures posted in Facebook or internet. “Cyber bullying is more harmful than bullying for several reasons. For instance, online content is ““harder to wash away than comments scrawled on a bathroom wall,” and its cruelty thus constantly plagues its victim

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