Bullying Among Kids : Bullying Essay

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Bullying Among Kids Conflict between people has been around for centuries. Bullying is the most common form of conflict among people that adults and children should be more aware and concerned about. The term bullying was not publicly recognized until a well known newspaper made a publication of this behavior. In 1862, after almost seventy-two years of publications daily newspaper, The Times wrote their first story on bullying when they reported a soldier allegedly died due to bullying (Koo, 2007, p109). The Times were the first to voice the critical issues of bullying and the major consequences that can follow (Koo, 2007). Now in today 's society, cyber, physical, and verbal bullying occurs every day to many people of different cultures, ages, race/gender, background. Bullying may give children and teenagers confidence, but it gives other challenges and may even result in suicide. According to No Bullying, more than 80 percent of teens regularly use cell phones, making them the most popular form of technology and therefore a common form of bullying. (Cyberbullying Statistics 2014) Since technology has increased, the concern for traditional bullying has decreased making cyberbullying among teens and students a major problem. Certain children find a way to let out their frustrations through intimidation others. In the past, these actions could be better handled because there were some degree of face-to-face interactions and much technology was not used.…

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