Building Positive Teacher Student Relationships Essay

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Assignment 1: Building Positive Teacher-Student Relationships
Section 1. Summarise the content of the responses given by the students
Every teacher wants to be a good teacher, but how to become a good teacher is a question that teachers need to find the answers. The good answers may come from students. I, therefore, set up a conversation with a group of students comprising three girls and two boys who are at about 14 years old in order to get the advices on how to be their best teacher.
It is interesting that all of students said that teachers should be kind to students. Besides, teachers should respect students as well as their belief, culture and background. They also said that teacher should not be strict. Further, teacher should control their manners and do not bring their bad mood into the classroom. Furthermore, some students stressed that teachers should treat every students equally. Teachers were also advised that they should not pick on the students or give assume without proof. Some students also stated that teachers should understand and care them, and should be a good listener. For example, if students are looking sad, teachers should talk to them and listen to them. Additionally, teachers have to be friendly (e.g. smile, talk, and be nice to students). Besides, one student said that teachers should design activities where students have opportunities to involve in a group so that they could understand each other. Some students also suggested that teachers should…

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