Building Ho Train Table For Playing With Children Essay

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We can use HO trains for teaching children, improving their fine motor and developing cooperative playing. We share our experience about building ho train table for playing with kids.

Building ho train table
There is association that HO Trains, cars, railways and other accessories, are associated with “toys”, which are too expensive for playing. It is thought that this railway “system” is complicated for children under age 7-10 years old. It is particularly true. Although, an adult’s assistance allows children from the age of 5-6 play with it without any problems. Moreover, we can use this great tool for teaching, improving fine motors and developing cooperative playing. In this article, we will share our experience about building HO train table for playing with children. The result is presented in the video below:
In Short about history
It was started when I was in the elementary school. My father bought the PIKO train set and at that time it was cool thing. My friends and I had a lot of fun to play with that PIKO set. In the picture below you can see I play time-proved PIKO trains set with my son 12 years ago. Unbelievable, but this train set, after more than 35 years, is still alive!
It was not easy to construct railways’ tracks on the floor and remove it all after the game. Track laying took about 30-40 minutes, consequently me and my son were already tired before the main game. In the process of game tracks continuously disconnected, for this reason a…

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