Essay about Building An Academic Leadership Role

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Building an academic leadership role, a good form, making decision, problem solving, and success in oneself; literacy is an essential factor for us as a human being. Living in a society where communication must be required to function of life itself a better place to be in. Added ethicalities and diversity has shown many times in the past given you the abilities to expand to reach farther. Within today 's world, economics, and technology are expanding. Evolving consistently at a rapid pace. In order for societies being able to properly maintain itself; we need to evolve our self too. Only then we, shall we meet the demand the world is calling for. For myself growing up in America, for many is just a walk in the park but coming from another heritage, races, or culture it is extremely difficult, the language barrier of communication, cultural barrier, and psychological barrier differences which can be difficult to understand and communicate with one another.

Growing up in America was not a walk in the park for many peoples such as myself. Growing onto a foreign land which you are not used, can be extremely difficult. Inside daily activities of modern societies communication with one another is a crucial need of human activities. The languages barrier many times can easily misled your intent of communication by causing confusion and misunderstand among one another. Therefore, it is important to make you’re that your communication is clarify and that it is well understood. My…

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