Vietnamese American Analysis

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I had a cousin, Dan Nguyen, 23, was born in America. He graduated Catonsville High School, and he worked on Giant market then left the college last three years ago. When his mother asked him to come back to school, he always said he got the better job of currently his work. Otherwise, I had the plan in mind was the focus in school that helped me to get a better job. One made different on me that I came from outside America and though not the same with my cousin. I saw his mother told him the people in Vietnam could not come to America to study because they did not enough money to get in this country, why he refused his opportunity. He simply pouted and was not interesting. There are similarities and differences between Vietnamese American and …show more content…
For example, my cousin spoke English when he went to school and communicated with people by his first language. He understood his parents tried to speak to him in Vietnam but he could not answer them correctly the words like: “thưa ba mẹ con đi học”, it means ,” hi guys I go to school”. His mother told me when he was a young boy, they taught him to speak Vietnamese at home. However, he could not pronounce his parents language like he did in school because the sound was negative to take his attention. The difficult for his family that was two languages in the house and they wanted to understand each member could not easy. Either way, I came from America when I was eighteen years old and English was not my first language so I got stuck to communication. Throwback two years ago, I went to Lansdowne High School, I almost kept silent in class and I figured out to understand classmates. However, I couldn 't tell them correctly what I tried to say. Sometimes, I heard little laughs behind me and I thought they said I did not know how to speak English. A few minutes later, I told myself do not worry I could standard and learned English like the way people did every day. When I laid down on the bed, I thought about my cousin, he was lucky to study in school and his parents supported him go for it. He also had a good environment to study but I did not understand why he denied his opportunity, would

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