Similarities And Differences Between Vietnamese American And Vietnam

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I had a cousin, Dan Nguyen, 23, was born in America. He graduated Catonsville High School, and he worked on Giant market then left the college last three years ago. When his mother asked him to come back to school, he always said he got the better job of currently his work. Otherwise, I had the plan in mind was the focus in school that helped me to get a better job. One made different on me that I came from outside America and though not the same with my cousin. I saw his mother told him the people in Vietnam could not come to America to study because they did not enough money to get in this country, why he refused his opportunity. He simply pouted and was not interesting. There are similarities and differences between Vietnamese American and Vietnamese, especially, in language, in education, and in culture. Vietnamese American …show more content…
I confirmed that I was dependent on my parents when I was a little girl so I rarely hang out if my parents did not go with me. I was not usually accepted the people hold hands when they walked on the street, it never happened in Vietnam. The people in my country could do that if they stayed in the private area but my cousin told me in America allowed to hold hands in public even same sex. He laughed so loud after he knows some kind weird he never knew in his mother country. He said that some of the traditions of Asian countries, he was not acceptable and it was crazy things. It was part of the reason he did not want to talk about Vietnam and he thought the children were too dependent on their parents and they had to follow them because the advice of their parents always true and good for them. Vietnamese American disliked the way parents taught them like Vietnamese, they wanted to stand by themselves and found the news by own experience. Through by my cousin, I have learned more about style life in Vietnamese American and how they were different in

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