Building A Valuable Online Community Essay

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Building a Valuable Online Community
Word-of-mouth marketing has always been considered the purest and best form of marketing, and social media has continued to prove this fact in many ways. People like to share with and feel connected to each other, brands, organizations, and even governments they like and trust.
It’s not a secret that social media is like the little black dress of marketing, branding, and public relations; you must have it now in order to complete your personal brand’s wardrobe. Without it and without using it properly, your brand will get lost in the noise of the crowded social media landscape.
There are multiple tactics you can use to grow your brand, but here is a few that I’ve seen to promote the most growth.
Research & Find:
You can leverage the people, blogs, knowledge sources, and communities that already exist and that are relevant to your business and your industry. My recommendations is to start with what has already been built and go from there.
First thing is you need to find out who currently is an “influencer” in your industry’s space and who their audience is to help identify your social target audience. When it comes to finding your target audience, as well as connecting with them, Twitter is an amazing place to start.
First, I do some keyword research (usually on MOZ premium and keywordspy) and create a list of top relatable keywords. This list will continue to grow as your business does and you will turn to it not just for social but…

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