Building A Road Takes Time Essay

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Zehner wrote, “building a road takes time. But once it is built, drivers from all over use it to go wherever they want to. Teaching kids to be lifelong learners does not happen overnight. We must lay the groundwork for students to explore their thinking and to ask questions about why, how, and where these skills can be used throughout their lives” (Zehner, 2009). Zehner left out that teaching is also a challenge and sometimes heartbreaking for an educator, but in the end we hope to have built a road for students so that they may go wherever they choose. Teaching and empowering students to be literate is laying the groundwork so that as they mature and become fully educated young adults they are able to embark on journey down the road into their adult life.

Literacy in Business Education
Business education may be taught as a stand alone elective class in many high schools, but to be successful in understanding the nuisances of the content requires the student to draw upon the knowledge and skills obtain in other disciplines. These skills including reading, writing, arithmetic, and critical-thinking all come together in a symbiotic relationship as a student becomes literate in business. Under the business education umbrella students might take courses such as marketing, personal finance, business finance, economics, marketing, and introduction to business. While learning the content of these specific courses, students discover how to apply what they learn to their…

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