Building A Coastal Community Area At The Mouth Of An Estuary Essay

1221 Words Apr 29th, 2016 null Page
You will never be able to fully prevent flooding in a coastal community located at the mouth of an estuary. It is possible to reduce the damage from flooding that may happen. As well as creating a better future for the community. To do this the community needs to focus on building their businesses, recreational water activities, strategic placement of retention ponds, and creating a system for carpooling. By focusing on these four points the property owners will be able to grow their economy, water supply, grow their food supply, and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. Property owners will need to build more businesses that will attract more tourists. These business may include but are not limited to: restaurants, gift shops, hotels, rental stores, and recreational activities such as mini golf and obstacle courses. These businesses should be placed both near the waterfront and up higher on the hill in order to provide entertainment during rainy weather. The rental shops could include bicycle rentals to promote more bicycle riding instead of driving to try to reduce the community’s greenhouse gas emissions. By building more businesses the community will also build up their economy, which in turn will give the community more money to invest in various projects including new forms of energy such as hydroelectricity and solar panels. These new forms of energy will give the community an even larger chance of decreasing their greenhouse gas emissions. There is also the chance…

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