Tourism New Zealand Case Study

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Question One - A
National Tourism Organisations (NTO) are responsible for marketing a country to tourists. NTO 's are publically funded government agencies that do the promoting and marketing for their country. Their promoting and marketing is directed towards inbound tourists. Tourism New Zealand is New Zealand 's NTO and are responsible for marketing our country as a destination. Tourism New Zealand implements, promotes and develops marketing strategies that market New Zealand 's tourism industry and are responsible for marketing our country as a tourist destination. Tourism New Zealand has used the 100% Pure campaign as the marketing tool to help develop and promote New Zealand to the rest of the world. Question One – B
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By putting themselves in the shoes of their visitors, by building on what they are doing well and by eliminating areas of dissatisfaction, they will start to see visitors stay longer, travel more widely, and spend more.
New Zealand tourism are achieving this by delivering unique experiences for visitors. They are using relevant tools to measure visitor satisfaction to reinforce what is being done well which will then help identify dissatisfaction. They are working alongside relevant government agencies to help keep their visitors safe and starting to ensure that the visitors are informed properly and well equipped to fully enjoy their visit. Productivity for profit
New Zealand is expanding the productive capacity of the industry, improving returns from the investments they have already made and attracting new investments in tourism.
They are starting to identify seasonality and pursue opportunities that will create demand outside of our traditional peak seasons. Tourism New Zealand is starting to encourage visitors to see more of New Zealand by promoting all the different regions more and are beginning to manage New Zealand businesses in way that will continue to improve productivity. Grow sustainable air
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In market researching there are three types that should be carried out. These are corporate/ resource analysis, environmental scanning and market research.
Corporate/resource analysis involves looking internally at the organisation 's strengths and weaknesses in terms of physical, financial, technological and human resources. Environmental scanning looks externally at what 's happening outside in the world or the companies external environment which includes political, legal, technological, economic and demographic trends. Finally, market research is the systematic collection of information on the supply and demand of products and services. It is important to carry out this type of research to find out what the consumer wants from their tourism

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