The Importance Of Tourism In Kerala

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• It shows that KTDC has given more importance to tour packages based on nature and package on ayurvedic and has not given much importance for the package on sports tourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism, architectural tourism, pilgrimage tourism etc. As KTDC being a government agency to promote tourism in Kerala it has to start and develop tour packages on pilgrimage, adventure, sports, culture, heritage and architectural tour packages.
• There should be a breakeven time in between the tour package.
• The budget hotels in forest areas should improve its sanitation facilities and also facilities for women and aged people and the room should be neat.
• Ot build a good relationship beween the local communities and the tourist and also allow
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Kerala Tourism Development Corporation is a government agency to promote and develop tourism in Kerala. It provides tourist with accommodation facilities, transportation, and readymade tour packages etc. for promote tourism they have started many exhibition and fairs in Kerala. The major distribution channels for KTDCs tour packages are the Kerala Tourism Dvelopment Corporation Hotels , motels and Resorts, and , the District Tourism Promotional Councils (DTPC), other travel agencies and tour operators like the Kerala Travels Interserve Ltd etc. The traditional promotional methods for promotion of KTDC was through brochures, booklets, advertisements in traditional electronic medias and print medias etc, and presently KTDC has introduced modern techniques in its promotion of its products and services such as conducting road show and involving the general public in doing activities related to tourism, tourism fairs in different parts of Kerala, different festivals and exhibitions, participating in national and international exhibitions and tourism and travel marts which is being conducted in various states of India, website advertising and producing of advertising films at regional, state, national and also international levels, rallies etc. KTDC has also adopted innovative mobile technology through SMS or MMS for the promotion of their tour packages. They are capable enough to provide information about the existing packages and the new packages which has been included and also provide information on the products of KTDC through small images or small text messages to the customers. From the survey results of statistical analysis

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