Importance Of Medical Tourism Essay

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Unit Title: Introduction to Medical Tourism
Structure: Medical Tourism or Health Tourism refers to the travel of people to another country for receiving medical treatment in that country. In the past, people from developing countries travelled to developed countries for treatments that were either not available or were not of the required standards in their own countries. Although this pattern still continues, the trend in recent years is for people from the developed countries to travel to the developing countries. The factors that have contributed to this growing trend include cost arbitrage of health care between the developed and developing countries, long wait times in the developed countries for certain procedures, the ease and affordability
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Kerala is worldwide famous for ayurveda and kairali massage, Uttarakhand is known for yoga and meditation, Goa is famous for holistic living, Rajasthan is in world map as spas and heritage living destination. These are some of the world-renowned places in India for alternative medicine (The Chicago Tribune, March 28, 2008).
‘Destination Branding’ gained visibility in the late 1990s. There are some countries which have an edge over other countries and have developed themselves as the Medical Tourism Destinations such as Singapore, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates. India is looking forward to market its services and products for other platforms, for example, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India has created the ‘India Brand Equity Fund’ which helps in providing support to exporters to promote the India Inc. label.
For India to become a unique destination for medical and wellness needs, primarily it is imperative to build ‘Brand India’ through the five
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The Tourism Ministry has provided these gaps and glitches in its annual report which are the problems and really an eye opener for the tour operation business as Medical Tourism is the money spinner for the tour operators. The Indian tour operators and medical fraternity is targeting for the clients who come from African and West Asian countries as more than 80 per cent of the total target medical tourists in the country is estimated to be contributed by these countries and they were not tapped to its full potential.
Hospitals in the developed countries provide comprehensive and reliable statistical data on the outcomes of the treatments offered by them. These figures constitute an important input in the decision making process of a prospective medical tourist. High success rates provide the necessary comfort and confidence to the prospective tourist that is a crucial part of choosing a foreign medical facility for treatment. The hospitals in India and the government should collect such data and make it available to the prospective medical

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