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ATS2743/3743 – seminar week 3
Writing job applications – language features Writing Selection Criteria – format, structure, content, language Online applications New forms of resume?

Warm felicitations my lord, To whom it may concern, Kind Sir, Dear Miss Jones Dear Ms/Mr/Dr/Professor Smith Dear Sir/Madam,

be nice and be more specific find out the name dear sir/ madam dear (title) family name



Opening words… thank you for reading my application. pleading …. not good

I am most interested in your you want their job.. nnot the one advertised position… I would like to enquire further about the fascinating position offfered at... informal want more information, not applying

I am very
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they should be linked to the CV and job description ( selection criteria) no direct expereince? teachablility learning, able to pick up, and adapting

In my current position as a labtechnician I have used Magnetic Resonance imagers to prepare diagnostic screening reports.

results attached to relevant experience

Throughout my degree I have held a variety of part-time and casual positions through which I have developed team-work and leadership skills. I have demonstrated leadership through my participation in the PAL program at Monash. Could be better?

Closing lines
I am extraordinarily well suited to this position and think that you would find that I am an excellent candidate. I am looking forward to an interview at your convenience. I believe that I have many qualities suited to this position and would welcome the opportunity for an interview to discuss the application further.

4 paragraph format what do you want to do? what you know about the company what makes you relevant close it up conclusion look at cover letter on monash site COVER LETTER RULE 1 PAGE FORMAT

i am happy to coem with the opporuntity for an interview

yours sincerley



Resume language
Generic: Specific: something tangible

I have many skills of value in the modern workplace including communication and peopleskills.

Communication skills - demonstrated through achieving customer service

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