Buddhism And Christianism Case Study

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The different diffusion ability of the Tibetan Buddhism and Christianism
In order to find the strong support of my researching project, I interview the doctor Seth, who has became the Christian for decades since he was in his homeland Ghana. Doctor Seth whose full name is Seth Armah, he was born in Ghana and went to America to study since the collage. Doctor Seth finishes his master degree in Iowa State University and got his PHD degree in Purdue University. I have become Doctor Seth’s friend since one time he invited me to his church which is close to the campus called Mason. I study bible with Doctor Seth every Sunday night, he is a knowledgeable man also a faithful follower.
Goal of the interview Because the time
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In my imagination, for most of the religious one the main reason why that people follow their gods is that people are afraid of their Gods, they follow the Gods and offer sacrifices to gods or ancestors because he believe, if they disrespect their gods, they will receive the terrible punishment from the God. They believe the flood as the tear of the gods, the strong wind as the shouting of the, the sake of the land as the anger of the God, the drought as the fire of the Gods and the timely wind and rain bring good harvest are the gifts offer by the gods. If they follower their gods they will receive the good harvest, yet if they disobey the willing of their gods, they will be punished to die. They fear their gods more than the love. So I am very curious about the relationship between Jesus and his followers, whether it is based on the fear brought by the power of the god or not? So I asked Doctor Seth to introduce the relationship between Jesus and his followers for me. According to the answer of the Doctor Seth, every Christian believes that he is the child of the Jesus, and the father will never hurt his child no matter what he did. The strength which supports the relationship between Jesus and his followers is the love between them but not the fear. They love their God and treat him as their father, because they see the sacrifice which Jesus did for them, they believe the God love them and won’t hurt them. This is the reason Christian willing to follow the Jesus and treat him as their

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