Essay about Bubbles

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The subject of the English mastery of this paper is bubbles. Through different types of mediums, the chemical composition of a bubble will be discovered. This will be combined with the evaluation of a bubble as a metaphor for and ancient society and for me. For the chemical composition of the bubble the evidence has been found and put into the References portion of the master. The physical and symbolic metaphor of the bubble through history is also told in the References. The last comparison between the bubble and I was performed when observing them during English class.
Chemical Composition and description
The molecular formula for the composition of a bubble is 2 CH3(CH2)16CO2-Na+ + Mg2+ ----> (CH3(CH2)16CO2-)Mg2+ + 2 Na+.
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Through the conquests of Alexander the Great and Marcus Arelius, the Roman Empire controlled territory from the Far East in Asia, all the way to Hadrian’s Wall in England. However this proved to be a horrible mistake as the Roman Empire began to be stretched too thin. Much like the bubble, it was so large and thin it could not sustain its form and popped. This was accelerated in the Roman Empire by the cost in both money and food to sustain such a large empire.
A Bubble as a Metaphor for the Individual When I compare myself to a bubble, I have to take into account the different types and characteristics of a bubble. Some bubbles float away by themselves, while others assimilate with others on the grass. Some bubbles are flexible, while some refuse to join with other bubbles. In my opinion it is hard to compare myself to just one bubble, because there are many different bubbles that express characteristics of different things. I would compare myself to a normal bubble for many reasons. Firstly, my bubbles does mingle with others on the grass, but also equally enjoys spends time floating by itself. Secondly my bubble is transparent; I am an open book with everything on the surface. And finally I am a medium sized bubble because I have moments of growth and expression, and moments of regression. I am a bubble floating in the wind, controlling my direction and times, but not trying to force a path that is not suited for me. I am a leader but, I am not

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