Btec Research Project Essay

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Research Project Assignment 2
Task 2.1
Match resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis.

Invasion of privacy
For example, is observing the action of a shopper in a supermarket an invasion of his privacy?
Is questioning a person about her income, product use or future purchase plans an invasion of privacy?

Deceptive Practices
It is a deceptive practice when a researcher misrepresent the purpose of the research, its promises of anonymity, the amount of time required to participate in the research or inducement for participating in it.

Imposition on respondent
Here we are looking at actions by researchers that shoe a lack of concern for the participants. Under this heading
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mple errors • Question design

|Advantage |Justification |
|Easy collection of speech |Can avoid ethical problem |
| |More accurate result |
|Development of relational |Ability to build rapport to increase respondent quantity |
|Selection of candidate |Narrow down to future qualitative research |
|Sufficient information |Correct more information corrective action |
|Time saving |Can redesign question |

Limitation of the research methods
|Disadvantage |Limitation |
|Interviewer’s bias |Accuracy of date |
|costly |Restrict activities |
|Inefficiency of the interviewer |Cause ethical problem |
|No suitable for personal

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