Btec Business Unit 4 Communication P7 Essay

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P7 ‘Madness in the Method’

It is very important in business that individuals have lucrative methods of communication in order to convey important messages, and use these methods in order to interact with other businesses and the public. Methods of communication can also be commonly used to advertise and market, for example via the use of social networks which advertise to a wide range of individual, to through written posters which can be placed up in shop advertisements and on notice boards alike.

Electronic Methods of communication

Electronic methods of communication refer to more modern communication, which can be performed through a variety of more modern devices, such as Computers (and laptops), Telephone/mobile phones,
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Faxing is mainly used for legal practices, for example is a business went to court about something they possibly could not use email as a proof document, instead a fax might be better off as it is a more reliable piece of information. Unlike with email and mobile text messaging, with faxes the receiving fax machine must acknowledge that the document was received successfully; that the call wasn’t interrupted half way through and the device didn’t run out of paper, toner, or ink. Your ‘notification’ is proof that your document has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

Employees of all ages know about fax technology and have sent or received a fax as part of their normal business duties. Traditional fax machine design is straightforward and intuitive; feed the pages that you want to send into the machine, enter a fax number just as you would on a standard desk phone or mobile, and sit back and wait for the confirmation.


A teleconference is a meeting or conference held via a telephone or network connection between participants in remote cities and in certain businesses. Many types of teleconferences exist, with the simplest form involving the use of a speaker phone at each location to conduct an audio conference. More sophisticated teleconference meetings, such as business teleconferencing involves the trade of audio, video,

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