Bshs/322 Values, Beliefs, Clinical Gestalt with Individuals, and Systems

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Values, Beliefs, Clinical Gestalt with Individuals, and Systems

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I am learning as much as I can about myself through the journal entries, exercises, and team discussion questions to better myself as a future therapist or clinician. To be productive and effective I must recognize, and accept my strengths and weaknesses with an attitude of striving for excellence. I have learned a great deal about myself and the areas where I can improve in the clinical setting. I realize that with improvement there will be challenges. I will overcome these challenges by utilizing the knowledge I am obtaining in these series of classes.
My Values and Beliefs All the choices and decisions I have made in my
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Many people have their minds made up about people of a different race or ethnicity, I do not. In the clinical setting, I may find myself to be very comfortable with people of other races and ethnicities, and in fact am intrigued by whatever cultural differences we have. One of the best values I was taught as a child was not to be a racist and not to be judgmental; I think both of these lessons can be applied in the clinical setting.
Immediate and Larger Systems Contexts Before the exercise that dealt with immediate and larger systems contexts, I had no idea how large of a connection was between the two. According to what I have learned in Interviewing in action: Relationship, process, and change Ch 4. there are "immediate environments such as home, school, and community and larger systems such as the cultural and political context of the communityā€¯ that directly effect everyone. Immediate system contexts can be directly related to the larger system context though. For example, an immediate system context currently affecting me is money issues. Money issues in my home are a result of the weakening economy- which is the larger system context. Another example is the child justice system (immediate) has me very frustrated as I do not feel the criminal justice or social service system handles the child abuse cases in a just manner for the sake of the child victim. My husband was just invited to

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