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In this competitive business arena it is crucial to strategize and come up sound managementsolutions in order to stay afloat in the market. This is an individual report of ImperialCompany which showcases all the key management decisions that were taken to maintain acompetitive edge in the global market operations of its products. It will be sequenced in thefollowing format:1.Introduction to the Athletic Footwear Industry2.Thorough Business Environment Scanning3.Evaluation of Competition Forces
Strategic Analysis from years 11-155.Conclusions
1.Introduction to the Athletic Footwear Industry
The current scenario for global athletic footwear industry
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After that it is generally noted that the recycling of useful material is done.
3.Evaluation of Competitive Forces
The global athletic footwear industry is faced by the following factors of competition whichcan be explained by using Porter’s Five Forces of Competition:
Threat of New Entrants

As the initial investment costs are high the chances of new entrants in this sector are low. Theinitial setting up process in this industry for a new entrant is a complex process and even if itdoes this possibility can be taken as a least risk. Bargaining Power of Buyers
As there are several noted organisations which operate in this sector, the buyers have a seriesof choices to choose from. It can be noted that some consumers are loyal and stick to a brandfor a period of time. Since, there is a bigger supply picture in front of the buyer, this factor can be taken as a high level of risk. Bargaining power of suppliers
As there is a great demand for athletic footwear, the suppliers have the option of switchingfrom one brand to another as there many prominent brands already operating in the market.This factor can be considered a moderate risk as the suppliers do have a certain level of command in demanding their desirable prices in the market for athletic footwear.
Threat of substitute products
The possibility of substitute products in this industry can be through locally produced similar looking cheaper products which might not

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