Essay Bsa 500 Entire Course All Weeks Dqs & Assignments

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BSA 500 Entire Course All Weeks DQs & Assignments
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BSA 500 Entire Course A + Work
BSA 500 Complete Course All Weeks 1-6 DQS & Assignments
BSA 500 Entire Course
BSA 500 Week 1 DQ 1
Imagine you are starting a new business, expecting to have about $100,000 in personal or family capital and another $200,000 borrowed, say from a bank, Small Bus Admin (federal government) or an angel investor. How would you form this business venture (i.e. structure as per text Chapter 5)? Defend your choice!
BSA 500 Week 1 DQ 2
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(You might want to consider interviewing or talking to either accounting professionals in your organization and/or IT developers with knowledge on same.)
Be detailed and specific; for example, if property and asset accounting are very important in your line of business, focus on those particular needs and explain why that functionality is so important. Then, consider whether the existing IT application(s) are fulfilling that need for the organization. Maybe even describe the application software in more detail.
BSA 500 Week 3 DQ 2
Considering your knowledge from the DQ5 discussions (both what you learned in your own research and what you learned from others), describe some of the commercial accounting software applications on the market that would provide the functionality identified by you (and others) as very important for your organization.
BSA 500 Week 4 DQ 1
Given the business you are in (or perhaps one you want to be in), what are the key financial ratios for your industry? Specifically (if you can), give the real ratio and your interpretation of same. Also, how would you find averages for your business so you can compare your organization to others in the same business. (N.B. you have to do this for an assignment also.)
BSA 500 Week 4 DQ 2
While they have their limitations, for well over a hundred years, we have used a number of core financial ratios to analyze business. While these can be easily created with

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